C the Signs is a multi-platform tool for all healthcare professionals to support early identification of patients at risk of cancer.

Diagnosing cancer is extremely difficult. Unlike other conditions, there is no single symptom that can alert clinicians to a potential cancer diagnosis, or test or investigation. Cancer is a collection of over 200 different diseases, each with their own signs, symptoms and risk factors, the earliest of which are often vague and non-specific and overlap with other less sinister conditions. This can be especially challenging to identify at the first appointment in general practice.

C the Signs uses advanced algorithms combined with optimisation and prioritisation systems to reflect the natural decision-making process of doctors, translating complex research and guidelines into a simple and intuitive journey for the user.

C the Signs covers the entire spectrum of cancer, cross-referencing multiple diagnostic pathways, to support clinicians to identifying what cancer or cancers a patient is at risk of, as well as the most appropriate next step for the patient; whether a test, investigation or urgent referral. It is fast enough to be used during the consultation to speed up decision-making, ensuring at risk patients are identified and access the right service at the right time for their clinical needs.